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Best Astrologer In Kolkata

Sometimes you might feel that your predetermination and life are beyond control and needs to be corrected. It is primarily due to the development of divine bodies that can affect any occasion or people globally. According to the best Astrologer in Kolkata, kaniska Bharti, astrology is a secretive science to common people but can forecast anyone’s future. The individuals who strongly believe in it know astrology’s true meaning and significance for their daily existence. It can help you lead a palatable and satisfying life if you follow everything per kaniska Bharti’s instructions.


The best Astrologer in Kolkata can successfully predict all the life events related to you. It will be the ultimate guiding tool for selecting the perfect options for your life. Thus proper astrological guidance is necessary for this scenario. kaniska Bharati will predict your astrology based on your planetary placements and their lordship over your life. He can accurately study the relative position and movement of the celestial bodies influencing the natural world and human affairs. kaniska Bharati is one of the accomplished astrologers in Kolkata, renowned for his expertise in gemology, Vedic astrology, vastu shastra, palmistry, color therapy, and numerology.

About kaniska Bharti

kaniska Bharti is a well-known and one of the best Astrologers in Kolkata. He has come up with the best advice on natal astrology, Vastu, predictive astrology, and horoscope analysis. He is specifically popular in solving different problems related to marriage and love. kaniska Bharti is a pioneer in the field of allied science and spirituality. People having problems with their lives have trusted him for years to get the best remedy for their problems.


He got gold medals and world-class degrees in Astro, numerology, palmistry, and matchmaking from renowned institutions in India. He always feels that people in distress need strong guidance and a platform where someone highly experienced can show a path of light in their lives.


He is also popular among his clients for other services like rudraksha astrology. kaniska Bharti is the best Astrologer in Kolkata to solve many complex problems with the rudraksha bead effects. As the most experienced astrologer in south Kolkata, kaniska Bharti can predict any problems in anyone’s life. He usually predicts problems through a horoscope and finds the most feasible solution. Many people, even outside Kolkata, visit him to get thorough consultations for their problems.


kaniska Bharti, well-known as the best Astrologer in Kolkata, offers genuine and reliable astrological services to all types of complexities related to Vastu and astrology. He uses updated astrological techniques to properly analyze a person’s career and talent scope. When it comes to authentic astrological counseling, kaniska Bharti can tell you about your weaknesses and strengths without a doubt.


With the help of his divine power, he can read a person’s mind and offer them the most precise solutions. His flawless career counseling and successful astronomical analysis have already helped many people in Kolkata to pursue their field of job or study according to their zodiac signs. For these reasons, he is considered the top and best Astrologer in Kolkata. He offered the following services to the people.

Online and offline Astro consultancy

  • Total chart analysis
  • Current analysis of dasha-bhukti


  • Making up to 2 charts

Yearly consultancy

  • Detailed yearly analysis based on months

Numerology consultancy

This consultation is better for those unsure about their birth time and day and who want to know about their upcoming life details. However, it will not have any numerological corrections or advice.

Vastu consultation

kaniska Bharti offers extensive Vastu services according to the client’s needs. He can solve all of your vastu problems with his consultation.


In palmistry, kaniska Bharti will tell you about the drastic major changes in your life and their characteristics.

Why Choose Kanishka Bharti as Your Astrologer?

  • Profound Insight: Kanishka Bharti possesses a deep understanding of the celestial forces that influence our lives. His insights can provide clarity on various aspects of life, including career, love, health, and finances.
  • Accurate Predictions: With a proven track record of accurate predictions, Kanishka Bharti has gained the trust of clients from all walks of life. Many have found his guidance invaluable in making important life decisions.
  • Personalized Approach: Kanishka Bharti believes that every individual is unique, and he tailors his consultations to your specific needs. Whether you seek a birth chart analysis or guidance on a pressing issue, his personalized approach ensures you receive the answers you seek.
  • Ethical and Honest: Honesty and ethics are at the core of Kanishka Bharti’s practice. You can trust him to provide guidance that is not only accurate but also aligned with your highest good.
  • Positive Impact: Kanishka Bharti’s consultations are designed to empower you. His insights can help you overcome obstacles, make informed choices, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Client Testimonials

Some of the testimonials of real life clients are as follows.



kaniskaji is undoubtedly the best Astrologer in Kolkata I have met. He was very clear, explained every pros and cons, listened carefully to every problem, and analyzed them with priority. I will recommend him to every loved person I know.


I am really lucky and honored to meet Mr. kaniska Bharti. He has achieved many awards and accolades for his astrological works but is still friendly and humble. It is one of the best encounters I have had with an astrologer. His predictions and remedies are on the spot and very helpful. It is a must-visit recommendation to kaniska Bharti for those who believe in astrology.


I had wasted much money on visiting self-proclaimed and fake astrologers, but kaniska Bharti, sir, is a different person. He points out the exact problems and gives assurance that everything will get sorted out within the stipulated time. I visited him in April this year, and many of his predictions are already coming true.


Astrologer kaniska Bharti is not only the best Astrologer in Kolkata but also in India. To date, he has helped and guided many individuals who have taken consultations for astrology, Vastu, numerology, and other segments of astrology, both in person and online.


6/31/1 Gariahat Road, (AC) Market, 2nd Floor,Near Gariahat PS, Room-218/219,Ballygunge,
Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

Phone numbers: 9007228315, 9330044098


For online consultation, you can mail him at:


kaniska Bharti is one of the best Astrologers in Kolkata who is friendly and listens to his client’s problems keenly. He has been awarded Jyotish Bashistha Siddhanta Shastri, Jyotish Souvaggo Ratna, Jyotish Samrat, International top 10 astrologers, and many more. With more than 15 years of experience in this field, a 90% success rate, and more than 10% clients outside West Bengal, kaniska Bharti is an indisputable name in the astrological sector.