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Astrology is the study of planets’ movement and position in anyone’s life. It reveals the stars’ and planets’ alignment on each aspect of human life, such as health, marriage, money, profession, relationship, career, and many more. It is one of science’s oldest forms. Thus, self-introspection is necessary to integrate all the positive powers in life. By taking correct help from astrology, you can discover your true self and make the required changes to improve different aspects of your life. But what makes astrology the most accurate prediction?


It takes only the top Astrologer in South Kolkata to foresee the real challenges in someone’s life and what they will face in the future. Kanishka Bharti can predict those challenges and provide precise solutions for them. Mostly, people come to Kanishka Bharti after becoming tired of their problems and losing complete control over their lives. Unlike other astrologers, he is always there to improve the client’s life by diving in-depth into the person’s relationship with cosmic energy.


Whether you have any monetary issues, are facing any difficulties in your romantic life, or have an old health issue or ailment that is bothering you, Kanishka Bharti can solve any complexities. He will provide you world-class counsel with the most accurate astrological solutions. His knowledge, precision, and best services have made him one of the top Astrologers in South Kolkata.

About Kanishka Bharti

Kanishka Bharti is the record holder of the most searched astrologer in Kolkata. He believes in karma and considers our present life is proportional to the actions we have done in the past. Kanishka Bharti always encourages his clients and identifies the best ways to cope with their problems. His expertise is not only restricted to Vedic astrology. He also includes immense knowledge in Vastu, numerology, and palmistry shastra.


Kanishka Bharti has a calm demeanor and strong communication sense. He is always attentive towards his clients and listens to their problems carefully. Kanishka Bharti never imposes his remedies forcefully and always keeps an open mind. With more than 15 years of experience in Vedic astrology, he can permanently solve several critical issues disturbing your daily life.

When someone takes the names of the top Astrologers in South Kolkata, Kanishka Bharti is always among the first few. His expertise and knowledge are not only restricted to Vedic astrology, and have mastered different problems related to career, business, legal, Vastu, marriage, education, love affair, conjugation, and many more. He also specializes in KP astrology, and his predictions are outstanding combinations of Vedic and KP astrology.


Kanishka Bharti is also considered the top Astrologer in South Kolkata due to his palm reading accuracy. His thumb, palm, and finger chakra prediction skills are almost 99% accurate. He can also remove negative energy from clients’ life and relieve them. He gives hope in life to his clients and shows them the best path to follow. Besides these, he is also a top vastu consultant in Kolkata and is associated with numerous real estate multinational companies to support them for their elite clientele.


We all get bothered by our life failures, creating an emotional toll on our health. Kanishka Bharti, the top Astrologer in South Kolkata, offers hours of accurate counseling to clients and encourages them to cope with their life problems. He includes a giant database of repetitive and new clients. Kanishka Bharti offers the following online and offline services to his clients.


Kanishka Bharti offers precise astrological reports on career, business, marriage, money, etc.


Kanishka Bharti recreates a unique ambiance and positive vibes at any commercial, residential, or industrial place to gain peace, luxury, and happiness in each inch.


He offers the most accurate matchmaking report to the clients. Most people have acknowledged his genuine astrology remedies and services at an affordable fee. All these capabilities have made him the top Astrologer in South Kolkata.

Vedic Rituals

He also offers different Vedic rituals to his clients without wearing the gemstones.

Client experiences and testimonials

It is time to hear about Kanishka Bhartis’ abilities from the client’s mouth.


Kanishka Bharti is an uncommon man in the astrology industry. He has assisted me a lot in recovering from acute financial and business crises. Kanishka Bharti does not force you to accept his remedies or take stones from him. He explains all his remedies and how they can solve the problem. He never markets himself, showing his honesty, true character, and passion for his profession.


Kanishka Bharti is one of the top Astrologers in South Kolkata to properly offer his theories with complete logic. He is always ready to support his clients and is never money minded. He carefully analyzes the birth chart with time and will always show you the correct path. Thank you for your suggestions Kanishkaji.


I have consulted him for my horoscope matching with my would-be husband. He has in-depth knowledge about his subjects in astrology. I am really satisfied with this counseling.


I have got excellent results from the remedies given by Kanishka Bharti, sir. Thanks a lot for your time and assistance. You can contact Kanishka Bharti without hesitation to get suggestions and astrological consultation at the address below.


46/31/1 Gariahat Road, (AC) Market, 2nd Floor,
Near Gariahat PS, Room-218/219,
Ballygunge, Kolkata,
West Bengal 700029
Phone Number: 9007228315, 9007228315


Kanishka Bharti has received multiple recognitions and awards as the top Astrologer in South Kolkata from numerous media houses and universities. His excellent achievements and track records have made him a priority choice for many renowned celebrities. He is also a member of numerous international and national astrology associations. Kanishka Bharti’s dominance over Vedic astrology has earned him massive acclamation in India.


No wonder Kanishka Bharti is awarded multiple awards as the top Astrologer in South Kolkata and continues to grow in popularity with the people.